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Maximising Magnetic Flux Density

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Maximising Magnetic Flux Density


Maximising Magnetic Flux Density to Effectively Kill Cells

fluxpattern.gif (9207 bytes)Magnets are polarized charged particles that radiate magnetic flux. Flux lines always start at the North Pole and seek a South Pole that is normally at the other end of the magnet. The flux lines radiate out in an elliptical manner.

The unique make-up of the magnetic field in the De-Bug fuel treatment unit is made possible by stacking three annular shaped permanent magnets on top of each other to form the patented "Tri-Mag" stack. A number of Tri-Mag stacks placed in line make up the patented "Multi-Mag" stack that is used to provide more powerful units.

triflux.gif (12342 bytes)The magnets are stacked to ensure that the North Pole of one magnet always faces the South Pole of the adjacent magnet. This results in the magnets attracting at all times and therefore maximises the flux density, and the resulting destructive effect on microbial cells, in the spaces through which the fuel and microbes flow.
When the fuel and microbes flow between the magnets and through the centre of the middle magnet in the Tri-Mag™ pack, the flow path causes the microbial cells to experience the maximum levels of magnetic flux density from several different angles, and 24 changes in polarity of the magnetic field.
This overwhelming attack from all directions, combined with the oscillating field strength can eliminate microbial contamination when used in a fuel system where fuel is re-circulated through the De-Bug unit either on a periodic or continuous basis.

The Tri-Mag™ and Multi-Mag™ configurations of De-Bug units ensure that fuel systems can be treated in the most optimal manner either by re-circulating fuel (through Tri-Mag™ units) or treating it in a single pass through a Multi-Mag™ unit.

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